Winter Wonderland Box from

Winter Wonderland Box

This post is a review of the Winter Wonderland Box from The Winter Wonderland box is a great gift for a boss, and employee or just to have for entertainment around the holidays.

Around the holidays, it’s important to think of others and find thoughtful and meaningful gifts that people will like. Sometimes that’s more difficult than other times depending on how well you know someone. Well GOOD NEWS! I have a great gift idea that has something in it for everyone! The Winter Wonderland Box from!

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What comes in the Winter Wonderland box?

Complete with several different kinds of roasted nuts, chocolate covered nuts, dried fruit, peppermint malted milk balls, vintage Christmas nonpareils, and even chocolate covered espresso beans, this gift box has it all! It’s a generous sized box with over 3 pounds of goodies!

Contents of the Winter Wonderland Box

The perfect gift idea for employees

There is so much to choose from in this box!! Looking for a conversation piece? The chocolate candy coated sunflower seeds will do it.

The peppermint malted milk balls were a hit at our house! They were a delightful treat, sweet but not too sweet. Take a look at them.

Peppermint Malted Milk Balls

The dried apricots were so full of flavor, perfect for someone who doesn’t want something salty.

I want to spend a few moments on the pistachios. Pistachios were a delicacy in my house growing up. We had them once a year, and they were expensive! The thing that always drove me crazy about pistachios were the fact that many in the package were inedible because they were closed shut.

The WONDERFUL thing about the pistachios in this gift box, was the fact that ALL of the pistachios were ripe, open and edible! No waste here! Take a look!


The best holiday assortment for entertaining

This box is a great assortment of chocolates, candies, nuts and fruits to have around for the holidays. I highly recommend it for its VARIETY and QUALITY of its content.

Shop the Winter Wonderland box here!

Shop here!


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Find out why this is a great gift idea for your boss or employee. This review of the Winter Wonderland Box from is a complete and thorough review. It's a great gift idea for employees and it's also a great assortment of nuts and candies to have around for entertainment around the holidays.

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