The Chef & the Dish Review: Private Online Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook Pho with The Chef & the Dish

When it comes to virtual cooking classes, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right one. The Chef and the Dish reviews are amazing and the wonderful and unique thing about the Chef & the Dish, is that they offer private, chef hosted gourmet cooking classes with world-class chefs in order to experience interactive online cooking around the world!

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Chef and the dish

What is the Chef & the dish?

The Chef and the Dish is an amazing company that offers an amazing online cooking experience where you can have a chef hosted, private cooking class to hone in on your cooking skills. There are many classes to choose from and each one you can experience interactive online cooking with a chef from around the world. Each class is taught by a live online chef, who gives step by step instructions. It is just like having a chef hosted cooking school from the comfort of your own home! They have been featured in many places including Forbes and Food Network!

How does the Chef & the Dish work?

The first thing you need to do is check out the different online cooking courses that they have to offer. There are MANY different private cooking lessons to choose from. Narrow down what dish you want to make, or what culinary part of the world you would like to discover then sign up!

Once you book your private online cooking class, The Chef & the Dish will email you with the next steps to take to secure your class and other details. After your chef hosted, interactive online cooking time is set, let the fun begin!

The Chef & the Dish is really amazing and excellently done. Once your private cooking session is scheduled, you will meet with a kitchen assistant and have a kitchen prep session. In your kitchen prep session, your assistant will go over the shopping list and ingredients list to get you ready for the best interactive cooking experience!

How long do the online classes take?

Once you are prepped and ready for your private class, you will connect via video chat with your personal chef (the chef’s are amazing). Your personal online chef will cook with you, and teach you how to cook three amazing dishes in about 2 hours. They are all such talented chefs who will help you prepare an amazing meal from scratch.

In these classes with chefs, they will teach you specific cooking techniques unique to the dish you have chosen to make.

After the food is cooked, you can disconnect from your chef, say goodbye to the online cooking school, and enjoy the rewards of your date night cooking class! A wonderfully delicious meal!

Who is the online cooking experience for?

Whether you are looking for a cooking class date night for couples, or even for a virtual cooking class for groups, the Chef & the Dish culinary experience is an amazing and unique choice. You will need to have basic knife skills and know cooking basics. You do not have to be a professional chef by any means! Advanced cooks are welcome as well.

Date night online cooking classes

Need a different and unique date night idea? Book a culinary date night and cook with chefs from around the world. Online date night cooking classes are just a fun experience all around, you can learn to cook something new and delicious, have a blast, and have a wonderfully fun memory in the process. Book here for a couples cooking class!

Girls night out cooking class dinner party!

If you want to get together and have a ladies night cooking class, it would be so fun and the Chef & the Dish has accommodating advantages since it is virtual, it actually offers multi-location and group cooking classes as well. Nothing says fun with friends like a cooking party!

Virtual cooking class for groups

The Chef & the Dish is not just a thing for couples, it is an awesome cooking class for team building as well! This is the perfect idea for corporate virtual cooking classes for team building and just to have a fun together. This would be a great and unique corporate party idea, especially since it can be done remotely. Go ahead a book a team building cooking class here.

Do I need special kitchen equipment for this virtual cooking class?

There are no extraordinary kitchen utensils or appliances needed for taking any courses from the Chef & the Dish. A basic kitchen and standard utensils are needed, but nothing more than that.

What is so unique about the Chef & the Dish?

The thing the I love about The Chef and the Dish is that the courses are chef hosted and there is a great variety of dishes to choose from. You can actually choose a part of the world, and learn how to make some of the most famous and delicious dishes from there. All of the chefs are experienced and the virtual classes are certified and tested.

Homemade pasta

There are so many destination cooking classes and dish options to choose from! Want to learn a dish from another country? Looking for an Italian cooking class? They have it! They have it! You can learn to make bolognese from scratch or homemade pasta. Do you want to learn how to make pho? No problem! Have you had a craving for Paella from Spain? Go ahead and book a time to make this or many other of these iconic dishes and recipes!

You can even request a class that is not listed as well. The culinary instruction you receive will be such a unique and unforgettable experience of advancing your skills in cooking.

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My Opinion

I think the Chef & the Dish is an amazing way to have an at home date night with your significant other. It’s such a fun experience and it’s something that is memorable. It is really a white glove service that they offer and very professional. It is totally worth the money to learn a new dish with a professional chef and to make memories in the process.

I also think this would be the perfect team building activity for workplaces, or church groups, or whatever kind of team with which you are involved.

Go head and check out the Chef & the Dish through my links and don’t forget to use the coupon code above!. There is a class for everyone!

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Looking for cooking classes for adults? Virtual cooking classes have gone to a new level with these gourmet cooking classes online. Go ahead an host a virtual cooking class either as a girls night out idea, or a great date night ideas at home. Learn how to cook with chefs from around the world with The Chef and the Dish. Check out the review
Looking for cooking classes for adults? Virtual cooking classes have gone to a new level with these gourmet cooking classes online. Go ahead an host a virtual cooking class either as a girls night out idea, or a great date night ideas at home. Learn how to cook with chefs from around the world with The Chef and the Dish. Check out the review

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