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The Best Games and Activities for Families

Looking for family game night ideas? This is the best list of 10 games and activities of fun things to do with kids at home. Some of these are also great stocking stuffers under $10 as well. This is the perfect list of boredom busters for all of the family from age 3 and up.

This is a list of the best games and activities for families with kids. Use this list as a gift guide for Christmas, birthdays, or just as boredom busters. All of these games and activities are perfect for rainy days, or when stuck at home and help families have fun together.

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This post has some of our favorite games and activities to do together as a family! Before I get started on the list, I just want to say that I love supporting small business. Whenever I can, I use affiliate links to smaller companies, as opposed to larger, online retailers.

In this particular post, I link many of these to Blain’s Farm and Fleet, which is a retailer based in the Midwest. We use them often and they ship and provide great service. Please consider using this and supporting our local economy. THANK YOU!

1. Spot it! An all inclusive game for kids and families

Spot it, a great game for families of all ages

I’m starting off with one of our favorite games! This is the perfect game to play with kids and adults as well. It’s silly and fun and even our 3 year old plays it with us (although we give her a little more time).

The point of the game is to be the first person to spot the same item on both cards that are flipped over. sometimes they are different sizes, but there is always one matching item on each.

It seems like it would be easy, but sometimes your brain just doesn’t see them! There are other ways of playing the game as well. This is a great stocking stuffer!

There are also different themed Spot it! games like this “Bears” version. Or click HERE to shop other themes from Blain’s Farm and Fleet.

Bear's version of Spot it!

2. Farkle


Farkle is a classic dice game of taking risk. This is another game that’s good for almost the whole family. Even though it says ages 8 and up, my kids all started playing it at age 5.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer since it’s just over $5!

3. The Adventure Challenge Scratch off Book- Family Edition A Great activity for families

The Adventure Challenge

This is a super fun book for the family! You don’t know what kind of game, or challenge you will get before you scratch them off. There is a place you can keep journal notes of your adventure together and a place to put a picture!

Such a fun idea and we have done it ourselves! It does specify if it will cost anything, if it will be outdoors or indoors, so that you can choose the appropriate challenge you want to try.

4. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride, my kids' favorite game of all, good for ages 7 and up

This is a great game of strategy for up to 5 players. My kids started playing this when they were about 7 years old. In fact, this was our go-to family game when we were on lockdown during Covid.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I played this game probably 250+ times during 2020. Get this one!

5. Mancala

Mancala, 2 player game for kids ages 6 and up

Mancala is a really fun mathematical game of strategy for two. It was a game invented by Native Americans and is a great thinking game to play with kids! Everyone should have this one!

This is also a great gift under $10!

6. Tenzi

tenzi, an easy game even little kids can play

Tenzi is a great game when you have a large age range of kids playing. We had a Tenzi tournament among 9 kids ages 12 and under a few years ago on vacation.

It’s perfect because there really is no strategy to it, it’s just a race game to get all of the dice to match. This is another great stocking stuffer idea!

7. Rubik’s Race

Rubik's Race, 2 player game for kids and adutls

Here is a really fun 2 player game and you don’t have to know how to solve a Rubik’s cube! Be the first to match your pieces and beat your opponent.

8. Escape Room In a Box

Escape Room

Out of all of the games and activities I am writing about, this is the only one we have not tried yet, HOWEVER I’ve only heard rave reviews about them. This would b the perfect family activity to do with teenagers.

It’s perfect because you don’t have to go somewhere to do it, you can do it at home!

9. Mexican Dominoes

Mexican Dominoes, the thinking games for families

I actually really love this game and could play it for hours! Last Christmas we spent several hours playing this as a family. It’s a great thinking game for kids 7 and up!

10. Kubb

Kubb, a great outdoor game for families

Here is another awesome game we discovered and came to love in 2020. It was a game that originated with the Vikings. It is a yard game and you need some space to play. This is better than bags in my opinion! Play it as a team, or a 2 player game and strategically knock thee other players out!

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Thank you! And don’t forget that purchasing through these links benefits small businesses like myself!

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