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Crowd Cow Wagyu Review

What is Crowd Cow and is it worth it? Check out this Crowd Cow wagyu review, and a review in general of my experience with Crowd Cow.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Crowd Cow

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What is wagyu?

Wagyu beef is a delicacy of delicacies. It is the finest beef and steaks from the finest cows in Japan and they must meet the strictest standards of breeding, marbling and other factors in order to be certified.

Japanese A5 steak is considered one of the most rare steaks in the world and is therefore more expensive than standard American beef. If you want to find out more about all of the details of Wagyu beef check out the article here:

I’m guessing that since you are already reading this article, you already know the ins and outs of Wagyu and want to just find out my review of A5 Wagyu steak from Crowd Cow. So keep on reading this Crowd Cow review.

What is Crowd Cow and how does it work?

Crowd Cow is a meat delivery service that offers sustainably sourced meat that is better for you and better for the environment. When you buy from Crowd Cow, you can know where your meat comes from and you can feel assured that your meat is top quality and that it was raised with the environment in mind.

If you choose to buy from Crowd Cow, you can either buy meat without a membership, or you can subscribe to the Crowd Cow membership program. Without a membership, the price for the meat is slightly higher and you don’t get discounts for signing up or free shipping on your orders over $100. However if you choose to sign up to become a Crowd Cow member, they currently have a deal going to get $100 off of your first 3 boxes, no strings attached.

You are able to cancel at any time, so no obligation at all. So you may be wondering, is the Crowd Cow membership worth it? My answer is yes, you can get $100 off of the first 3 orders, and you can cancel at any time (even before you have ordered 3 boxes). If you are in a larger city or in a part of the country where you can’t get local beef, Crowd Cow is worth it.

Is Crowd Cow A5 Wagyu Japanese?

If you are wondering “is Crowd Cow A5 wagyu real?” Yes! It is one of the few places that has certified Wagyu beef from Japan. In fact, Crowd Cow was the first meat delivery company to bring real A5 Japanese Wagyu to the U.S. just a few years ago.

Crowd Cow Wagyu Review

I will admit, I was just a little too excited to be trying Wagyu from Crowd Cow. Have you heard the reviews for Crowd Cow? They are awesome! And to be able to try a Wagyu steak from Crowd Cow just really floored me! In fact, I was so impressed by my Crowd Cow membership box and the quality of the meat that I am writing this review on it!

For those of us who live in rural America, where we have access to locally raised quality beef, Crowd Cow may not be the best choice for us when it comes to ground beef and standard cuts of meat. But for those who live in more urban areas of the country, where beef cannot be picked up at a local packing company, Crowd Cow is something to consider.

Their ground beef was just as quality as getting it from my local farmer (who lives not far from me) and was about the same price as organic beef from my local grocery store. So if you are looking to buy freezer beef and don’t have access to a local farmer, I would definitely recommend their ground beef.

The thing that really attracted me to Crowd Cow was the rare types of beef (like the Japanese A5 Wagyu). I also tried their bacon on a whim, and was thoroughly impressed. I tried both the thick and the thin cut. While both were awesome, the thin cut went farther with my family of 6.

Speaking of families, they have a great selection of family packs to choose from as well.

Is A5 wagyu beef from Crowd Cow worth it?

When we talk about real Wagyu beef, we are talking about a luxury dining experience. So if you are into food experiences, or if you are looking to give Wagyu as a gift, it is totally worth it.

Wagyu beef and steaks are not something people eat on a regular basis. It really is a celebratory occasion that calls for a good Wagyu steak. If you are going to be buying Wagyu, please do so through Crowd Cow and my affiliate link. There are not many companies I would trust to deliver a genuine Wagyu steak, and Crowd Cow is one of those companies.

Their customer service is excellent, and it is obvious that they take pride in what they do, from the sourcing of the meat from local farms, all the way to the butchering and the shipping of it all. I don’t think I could give a company a higher recommendation.

Wagyu Beef A5

Give the gift of Wagyu beef gift box

I don’t think there could be any better of a gift for steak lovers than giving a wagyu steak gift box. Whether it is a birthday gift, or Christmas gift, or if you are looking for corporate gifting options, Crowd Cow has you covered.

Crowd Cow Coupon Code

Make sure to use my affiliate link to get free shipping and $108 off (aka FREE MEAT) of your first 3 boxes of meat with a new membership Crowd Cow subscription. You can cancel at any time, no obligation whatsoever!

Use Promo Code: SAVE108 << affiliate link

One of my questions was “do I have to get meat every month?” and the answer is: no, it doesn’t have to be a monthly delivery! You can push out your delivery if need be or even make it sooner. They are very flexible on the dates and on whatever you put in your box. I love how you can customize boxes from Crowd Cow and try out different meats. Oh and did I mention their meat is sustainably sourced and super good?

You just need to be a new member, and to use this affiliate link below:

How to prepare A5 Japanese Wagyu steak

Japanese Cuts

There are a few things you need to know before cooking your Wagyu steak. The cuts of Wagyu beef are usually thinner than most American meats. This is because Japanese Wagyu is a very “rich” steak that is full of marbling. The portioning size is much smaller than Angus steak or other Western cuts of meat we are used to.

It is actually difficult to eat a large portion of Wagyu since it is very marbled and full of umami flavor. So don’t over order or cook more than you need.

A little goes a long way…

There does not need to be much seasoning. Please, I beg you, don’t ever use a marinade or steak seasoning for Wagyu steaks and, by all means, don’t denigrate the steak by adding steak sauce.

You probably only need a little kosher salt to make the best Wagyu steak.

How to make a Wagyu steak

Crowd Cow Review Video

The best way to make a Wagyu steak is to either sear it in a stainless steel pan or in a cast iron skillet. I prefer the cast iron. You don’t need to use any oil, since Japanese A5 steaks are full of marbleization and fat. The fat will cook down and coat your pan. So please forgo the oil.

Wagyu steak should be served in small portions. Therefore, Crowd Cow recommends to cut the steak into pieces about 1″x4″ before cooking.

Generously salt the Wagyu steak pieces with coarse salt. In a hot pan, sear the Wagyu steak for 2-3 minutes per side. You really do want to serve it medium rare.

If you need any other tips on cooking Wagyu steak, go ahead and head over to Crowd Cow! There are plenty of resources there!


Crowd Cow Wagyu= AWESOMENESS! If you are looking to give a gift of top quality meat, Crowd Cow is the way to go, even if you get a gift card for someone! Also, if you want better quality meat, and don’t have access to it locally, Crowd Cow is a great option for you!

Crowd Cow New Member Free Shipping

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Check out this Crowd Cow Review of the best Japanese Wagyu steak ever! Get answers to your questions like "What is Wagyu" and "how to cook wagyu steak" and find out is Crowd Cow worth it?

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